The Cat’s Outta The Bag

We can stop pretending we don’t know that Trump is Putin’s bitch. I know Trump’s supporters took this news to heart, felt betrayed, and then some. Trump duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink all those who believed his lies. Being lied to, ain’t no picnic, unless you see the lie for what it is. For example, our corporate news media merged with misogyny and white supremacy decades ago. The goal was to normalize Sexual Predators. C’mon, do I have to remind you that for over two decades, FOXNEWS operated a brothel, while masquerading as a cable news channel. FOXNEWS normalized misogyny and white supremacy. It wasn’t alone. Word on the street, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC hitched their wagons to the misogyny and white supremacy horses. It’s true, misery really loves company. But, and here’s the best part, Putin is exploiting the 1% for his own personal gratification. That’s why Trump and his cabal don’t want our Government to investigate Putin. The cat’s outta the bag, Trump is Putin’s bitch, and the 1% is desperately trying to save face, because they’d finally reaped what they’d sown. What a superb ending to “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.”

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but their repressed, senile, and old Trump is boring, tedious, repetitive, dull, unimaginative, lame, and snooze fest, but the Trump who has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter, that’s the one I’m interested in. The sexual predator, aligned with other sexual predators, all pretending they’re not sexual predators, while engaging in deviant sexual behavior, and pointing their fingers at others. A who’s who of perpetrating diabolical scams, while holding onto a Christian bible, and wearing a white hooded sheet. I ain’t mad at Trump, just proves that an Alt-Right is born every minute.

Trump is Putin’s bitch and even FOXNEWS can’t put that cat back into the bag.

As for Trump, “Bitch betta have Putin’s money.”


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