The Wanksta Played Right Into President Obama’s Hands

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but over eight years of obstructionism backfired on Republicans. They had to steal elections, but and here’s the best part, this past election, Putin stole the Presidency for Trump. Republicans dropped the ball, but in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat. Since we know that the Republican Party is an wholly owned subsidiary of the 1%, then it’s safe to say, the 1% dropped the ball too. With all of their trillions of dollars, President Obama wiped the floor with the 1%. Putin seized the Presidency for Trump, and beat the 1% at their own game. Will the 1% seek revenge? Enquiring minds want to know.

The rat’s are abandoning the ship. Trump is discombobulated, no surprise there, his cabal don’t know whether to laugh or cry, Trump’s supporters saw the Grim Reaper eyeing Trump’s electoral Presidency, and our corporate news media can’t sell the boring Trump to anyone. C’mon, word on the street, is that Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter. Now unless you’d been sleeping in a cave for the last twenty years, boy oh boy, do I have a story to tell you. Once upon a time, approximately twenty years ago, a deviant sexual man operated a brothel, while exploiting racist, homophobia, xenophobia, misogynistic, and ego-driven people, for personal gratification, via a phony cable news channel. Knowing that, and feeling that, “The Law of Attraction,” tells me that deviant sexual men are a dime a dozen and when you see one, every man/woman standing next to him, well, you get the picture.

One of many deviant sexual predator handbooks was written by Trump, so when you hear others defending Trump, you know they have a copy. I ain’t mad at Trump, as long as our corporate news media ignores Trump’s propensity for publicly flaunting his dirty little secrets, the better for me. If our corporate news media wants to bet the farm on selling boring, tedious, repetitive, dull, lame, unimaginable, misogynistic, racist, and con man Trump, then all I can say is, “Good luck with that.” 


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