Trump Is Synonymous With Espionage

Oh, but it gets better. Trump is Putin’s bitch, but in order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, Trump found a scapegoat. As if that wasn’t enough drama, guess who’s sleeping in Trump’s bed? It ain’t Melania. However, Trump had flaunted and is flaunting his dirty little secret to the public. This is why, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal,” is so sizzling. It’s so hot, I’m burning up! Our corporate news media doesn’t want to talk about Trump’s abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter, because Trump spilled the beans decades ago. In other words, Trump beat our corporate news media on this scoop. The folks lining up to align themselves with Trump are the epitome of, “The Law of Attraction.” Knowing that and feeling that, you can bet that Trump’s inner-circle is stacked with Saboteurs. This is why this story is the shiznit. Trump committed espionage in order to conceal his biggest scam up to date, i.e. betraying the Alt-Right. Word on the street, is whenever Putin calls Trump, the only words that come out of his mouth is, “Ya better have my money, bitch.” 

Is it wrong that I’m smiling,because the Alt-Right’s denial on Trump’s espionage behavior, is the very reason Trump’s electoral Presidency was built on sand. The Alt-Right kept lowering the bar, until Trump’s electoral Presidency felled with a great crash. But in order for the Alt-Right to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat.

The Trump our corporate news media tries to sell to us, well, shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell them, but that Trump is so boring, tedious, repetitive, lame, dull, unimaginative, stale, and my favorite, mind-numbing. C’mon, in 2000, Bush Jr. was Cheney’s bitch, now it’s 2016, and Trump is Putin’s bitch. We’d seen this movie before. But, if you’re like me, you know,  Donald Trump’s Betrayal is the shiznit. A story about deviant Sexual Predators, and the women who loved them.

Don’t believe me, well fasten your seat belt, you’re in for a bumpy ride. OK, approximately twenty years ago, FOXNEWS merged with misogyny and white supremacy. Then, and this is the brilliant part, FOXNEWS operated a brothel while masquerading as a cable news channel. FOXNEWS fooled million of Americans for over two decades, but really it picked up where Nixon had left off. Deviant Sexual Predators are a dime a dozen in the Republican Party. Trust me, “The Law of Attractions,” is alive and doing well in Trump’s inner-circle.  

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