Putin Saw A Bird Nest On The Ground

Think about this, Trump didn’t win the 2016 election, Putin stole it for him. But and here’s the best part, Putin got punk’d by the 1%. Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉

The 1% neutered the Republican Party to entrap the biggest Wanksta. As it turned out, Putin was the biggest Wanksta and took the bait. Putin saw a bird nest on the ground and the rest is voter fraud on steroids. But, and here’s the best part, Trump was just a pawn that the 1% used to lure Putin into their trap. C’mon, Trump is weak and pathetic, fake is his middle name, and yet he fooled a lot of Americans with his biggest scam, i.e. Birtherism. Look, I ain’t mad at Trump, because it’s called, “The Law of Attraction.” Putin is pimping Trump and the 1% is pimping Putin. Listen, it’s hard out there for them pimps.

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but con man Trump is boring, dull, tedious, lame, unimaginative, predictable, the offspring of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Jr. Same corruption, difference Con Man. The Republican Party is synonymous with Grifters. One of the first prerequisites of being a Republican is exploiting others for your own personal gratification. Who better to exploit than racists, homophobic, xenophobic, religion fanatics, and misogynistic Americans. I mean, it’s so easy, even a con man like Trump can do it.

Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a must read story. A story about deviant sexual behavior, political corruption, and the revenge of the 1%. Although misogyny and white supremacy is as old as dirt, Donald Trump’s Betrayal, started approximately twenty years ago, when FOXNEWS merged with misogyny and white supremacy to conceal its true agenda, i.e. operating a brothel. Senile old white men, coerced young female employees into sex slaves, but in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat. Operating a brothel while masquerading as a cable news channel was a scam worthy of the best scam of the 2oth Century award. However, today, 2016, FOXNEWS is still aligned with the Republican Party, Trump and his cabal, and the Alt-Right. Truth be told, FOXNEWS is the epitome of, “The Law of Attraction.” Knowing that and feeling that, you know how Trump became the defacto leader of the Republican Party. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Putin is pimping Trump, Trump is pimping the Republican Party, the Republican Party is pimping the Alt-Right, and the 1% is pimping Putin. A circle of deceit.

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