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I’ll confess, I too talk shit about others, and truth be told, I was trained by a master manipulator. Props to all teachers, because they’re the world’s oldest profession. Here’s the best part, I’d been fortunate enough to align with other teachers. One of them was President Obama. He taught me Infinite Patience. Speaking only for myself, but Infinite Patience is the shiznit. Infinite Patience is a powerful force, you can’t buy, you can’t sell it, you can’t even own it, you can only pass it around, give it to others, and receive it from others. It’s a beautiful thing. But, if you’re looking for the other side of that coin, called, “Fools Rush In,” you came to the right blog. Because fools rush in where people aligned with Infinite Patience knewn not to tread. For example, Trump bite the hand that fed him, as in our corporate news media, It gave Trump over two billion dollars worth of free media attention. That’s a sweetheart deal, you feeling me? But, and here’s the best part, Trump thanked our corporate news media’s gracious gift by betraying it. Today, our corporate news media let it be known that Trump and his cabal conspired with a foreign country. Espionage was committed to fraudulently sway the outcome of the 2016 US President election into Trump’s favor. And the proof is in the corporate news media’s pudding. The struggle for power over Trump’s electoral Presidency is on and pooping. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but word on the street, is that the struggle of power over Trump is between the 1% and Putin. Putin was the aggressor and attacked the 1% in its own back yard via hacking. Then Putin believed he had the upper hand over Trump’s electoral Presidency. He was wrong. Good grief Charlie Brown, had it not been neutered by the 1%, the Republican Party would had never been a bird nest on the ground for Putin. Putin took the bait because he confused a scam for being an opportunity. The Republican Party was made weak and pathetic, to attract the biggest Wanksta. That turned out to be Putin. Trump defeated his weak and pathetic GOP competition, while our corporate news media held him in high esteem. Normalizing misogyny and white supremacy. A win, win. Oh, it gets better, because now that I no longer watch our corporate news media, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is the shiznit. Maybe, just maybe, our corporate news media played Putin.  C’mon, con man Trump is boring, dull, tedious, unimaginative, repetitive, lame, like watching paint dry. zzzzzzzzzzzzz   But, Donald Trump’s Betrayal has its benefits. A story about espionage, deviant sexual behavior, betrayal, and revenge. A story about how the merging of misogyny and white supremacy paved the road for Donald Trump to seize the birther movement. How forbidden love tormented Trump and the only way to escape his lust and desires, he betrayed others often and without hesitation. A story about how for twenty years, a major cable news channel operated a brothel, by coercing young female employees into sex slaves, while pointing a finger at someone else, calling him a sexual predator. A story about a major political party’s weaknesses put on display for the world to see, i.e., Republicans embraced racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, and white supremacy, while holding the flag, defining themselves as patriotic. As hilarious as that scam was, it wasn’t the only scam. Trump and his cabal perpetrated scam after scam, while our corporate news media held Trump in high esteem. Trump thanked our corporate news media by kowtowing to Putin. Putin ordered Trump to hold a fake press conference, so he could flaunt his control over Trump into the 1% faces. Putin’s espionage, i.e. hacking Government information with the intentions of swaying our 2016 Presidential election into Putin’s favor was another flaunting into the 1% faces. With betrayal come revenge. Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉

The fight over control of Trump’s electoral Presidency between Putin and the 1%, is the shiznit. Enquiring minds want to know, will Putin release those damaging videotapes of Trump’s deviant sexual behavior? Will the 1% release Trump’s tax returns, proving how Trump is in bed with known criminals of foreign countries? Will the Alt-Right figure out that they’d been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump and his cabal?  Stay tune for more chapters of, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.

Donald Trump’s Betrayal is the epitome of, “If you give corrupt folks enough rope, you give them the chance to get themselves into trouble or expose themselves.”

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