The Alt-Right Are Repressed

Is it just me, but are Trump’s supporters angrier today, than they were eight years ago? I mean, publicly expressing their racist intentions to repress others, is boring, repetitive, dull, unimaginable, tedious, lame, predictable, and my favorite, “Snooze Fest.” C’mon, birtherism was conceived over eight years ago, and we all know how Trump took advantage of that. Oh, my bad, this is your first visit to my blog, well fasten your seat belt, cause you’re in for a bumpy ride. Back in 2011, Trump seized the birther movement, that had been aided and abetted by FOXNEWS for several years. Hold on to your hat, at that time, 2011, Republican Party cheered Trump on, unbeknownst that Trump was betraying them. But, and here’s the best part, during the 2016 GOP Primaries, watching the so called undisputed champs of the Republican Party do down, a TKO, delivered by Trump proved how weak the Republican Party had become. The Republican Party’s competition was so weak, it made Trump look like a champion. Then Putin saw an opportunity, to control a weak and pathetic political party, i.e. Republican Party, and the rest is history.

Don’t act so surprised when Republicans brag about repealing Obamacare. Republicans are held in high esteem by our corporate news media for giving 30 million plus Americans the middle finger. Whatcha talkin’ about, Willis. 🙂 Listen, it’s a known fact that children living in repressed environments, who sugarcoat their rage, do not grow beyond it. Listen, it’s no secret that beneath Republican’s veneer, they harbor vindictive intent. But, and here’s the best part, Republicans never sought better coping strategies other than reacting to life’s moments with rage.  They can’t help it. Republicans use other methods to express their rage. They condone racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, and corruption. I’m only speaking for myself, but feeling repressed makes me vulnerable to con artists. So I know a thing or two about feeling repressed, and the consequences of feeling repressed. In my younger years, I can admit that I was angry most of the time, if not all of the time. A perpetual state of angry paved the way for others to take advantage of me. I was a sitting duck. So, don’t feel ashamed, when you come to realize that others betrayed you. Cause you know what, I’d betrayed others, so I’m no better than anyone else. However, when I feel my oneness with everyone, I know a con man when I see one. Because he/she is boring, dull, repetitive, unimaginative, lame, predictable, tedious, and my favorite, “Snooze Fest.” zzzzzzzzzzzz However, word on the street, is that FOXNEWS betrayed millions of Americans. A twenty year plus scam, perpetrated by old white misogynistic men, who harbor vindictive intent towards women, so much so, that they coerced some of their female employees onto sex slaves. But, and this is the shiznit, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, the found a scapegoat. FOXNEWS pointed a finger at Fmr. President Bill Clinton, calling him a sexual predator, while old white misogynistic men working at FOXNEWS were coercing some of their young female employees into sex slaves. Instead, today, 2016 Republicans brag about repealing Obamacare, and our corporate news media is in on the scam. Republicans as well as our corporate news media are normalizing misogyny and white supremacy, to conceal their sins they don’t want you nor I to know or talk about. How much you wanna bet that one of their sins they wish to conceal, is their deviant sexual behavior.

Donald Trump’s Betrayal, is the shiznit. The opposite of our corporate news media’s version of Trump. That version is boring, but, and here’s the best part, a more sizzling side of Trump. The version our corporate news media doesn’t want you to know or talk about, Trump’s abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter. Now that’s a story rich with scandals. Don’t hate the playa, enjoy his con game. As long as Trump is not betraying me, pass the popcorn.

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