How Do We Protect President Obama’s Legacy?

Let do it again! President Obama’s legacy was built on the rock. Because President Obama is aligned with Infinite Patience among other great attributes. Don’t worry, because President Obama’s brilliant legacy will still be standing after Trump’s corrupted storm.

Word on the street, is that another Putin’s jump off is being considered for a position in Trump’s administration. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but the jealousy in Trump’s inner-circle is palpable. The green eye monster is alive and doing well among Putin’s jump offs. Trust me, the plot thickens, because Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter, so jealousy rules in Trump’s world. Is it wrong that I’m smiling, because jealousy begets revenge. I’m speaking for myself, but if I knew that my husband had an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter, I’d might be jealous and revengeful, just sayin! I can’t imagine how I’d really feel, and I can only imagine how Trump’s wife feels. But, judging by her demeanor, she ain’t happy. For one thing, she looks like a brunette version of Trump’s daughter. Except her unhappiness caused premature wrinkles on her face. Opps, time for a face lift. What do you think will be on her mind, during and after her umpteenth plastic surgery ordeal? I think she’ll be obsessed with revenge. Remember, “Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.”  

Trump’s electoral Presidency was built on sand. It felled with a great crash under the burden of corruption. Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a story about, “Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.” As well as a story about, “Forbidden love on steroids.” The only way Trump could escape his deviant sexual desires towards his own daughter, he had to betray everyone and anyone. The best part, betrayal begets revenge. Which makes me believe that Trump lives in a state of paranoia, because he’d betrayed millions of people. To prove my point, his inner-circle is stacked with Saboteurs. Trump doesn’t know this little gem, but word on the street, is that his wife is CEO of, “Stop Trump.” A ruthless, vile, and vicious organization dedicated to sabotaging Trump, motivated by jealousy. Does it get any better than that? Stay tune for more chapters from DTB, Donald Trump’s Betrayal.

Lets honor Trump by changing the White House address from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 to 1600 Grifters Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.

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