Trump Will Smile In Your Face, While Betraying You Behind Your Back

Truth be told, I like it and for good reasons. Trump does one thing, and he does it well, i.e. betraying others. If this is your first time reading my blog, you’re in for a treat. Word on the street, Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter. Knowing that and feeling that, Trump’s electoral presidency was built on sand. The only way Trump can escape his desires and lust for his own daughter, he has to betray others. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Trump struggles daily with knowing that someone has evidence that would expose Trump’s desires and lust for his own daughter. In the 1% world, deviant sexual behavior is normal, but to the rest of the world, it’s not. So in order for Trump to fulfill his superiority complex, he found a scapegoat to conceal his own sins. Of course there are consequences for betraying others. So, I’m not surprised that Trump’s inner-circle is stacked with Saboteurs. It’s par for the course. A Saboteur’s Achilles’ Heel is being attracted to other Saboteurs. They marry Saboteurs, their kids become Saboteurs, their close friends are Saboteurs, everyone in their inner-circle is a Saboteur. While you’re sleeping, a Saboteur in Trump’s inner-circle was plotting to expose one of Trump’s dirty little secrets, unless Trump does what he/she wants. One of the first prerequisites for being a Snake Oil Salesmen, is blackmailing others often and without hesitation.  Threatening to release audiotapes of Roger Ailes sexual deviant behavior, gave Gretchen Carson a $20 million dollar paycheck. So owning a videotape, or audiotape of Trump’s sexual deviant behavior is worth gold. It’s no surprise that Trump would do anything, I mean anything, like conspiring with white supremacists to rob our treasury of every penny, than be exposed as a Freak. I ain’t mad at Trump, it’s called, “Survival.”

What a paranoia world Trump and his cabal live in. Think about this, Trump probably sleeps with one eye opened. It would explain why he’s up at three am tweeting paranoia rhetoric. He’s living in a nightmare. Worrying about others seeking revenge against him, for the sins he desperately tries to conceal. Can you say blackmail!

All of Trump’s  and his cabal’s political corruption is boring, tedious, lame, unimaginative, dull, repetitive, and my favorite, “Snooze Fest.” The corruption I’m interested in, is Donald Trump’s Betrayal. A sizzling, scandalous, deviant sexual story about forbidden love and how it paved the way for Trump’s rise in politics. It’s a fascinating story, full of desires, jealousy, betrayal and revenge. You won’t be able to stop reading it. Trust me, it’s the shizzle.

We’re one day closer to Trump’s impeachment or resignation, because absolute forbidden love, corrupts absolutely.


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