Trump’s Forbidden Love

Since Trump comes from a long line of Grifters, it needs to be said, he’d inherited his innate abilities to exploit others for his own personal and/or financial gratification. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but there are downsizes to being a Grifter. In Donald Trump’s case, he’s hunted by his abnormal sexual fixations towards his own daughter. A forbidden love gone awry. Because, and here’s the best part, in order to fulfill his superiority complex, Trump finds scapegoats. A good example of this, his business relationships with contractors/vendors. Trump signed a contract to pay for the services or products from a contractor/vendor. Then after the contractor/vendor fulfills his/her part of the contract, Trump reneges on the payment. In the end, Trump shortchanged the contractor/vendor by millions of dollars, via his army of Lawyers, then blames the contractor/vendor for under the par services or products. That ploy is straight outta the Grifter’s bible, “Con Man Cometh.” I ain’t mad at Trump, because he has to conceal his sexual desires towards his own daughter. What better way than to betray contractor/vendor after contractor/vendor, to conceal your abnormal sexual fixations towards your own daughter. In other words, Shakespeare is smiling down on me. Check this out, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a tragic love story. A man, i.e. Donald Trump born with a silver spoon, feed misogyny and white supremacists beliefs from birth. Only to have his soul mate come to him as his own daughter. As Trump’s sexual desires towards his own daughter grew expeditiously, especially after his daughter’s tenth birthday, Trump’s betrayals grew expeditiously. At this rate, Trump’s betrayals were adding up into the thousands. That caused Trump’s paranoia to grow expeditiously to the degree, that Trump Tower became his sanctuary. Trump’s Kingdom he guarded heavily to keep revenge from entering. But, hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned. Because Revenge not only entered Trump’s Kingdom, she is the last person Trump expects would seek revenge against him. Sooner not later, Trump will be heard saying, “Et tu, Brute?”  Enquiring minds want to know “Who is she?” My monies on Melania, the third wife banished from the Trump’s bed and replaced by Trump’s abnormal sexual fixations toward his own daughter.

Can you imagine being the brother or sister to your father’s deviant sexual desires. How about being the wife of a man who has abnormal sexual fixations towards his own daughter. Better yet, how about being the husband of the woman whose father had lusted for and is lusting for. Oh goody, I have a cat’s bird seat at finding out who’s plotting revenge against Trump. Trust me, Trump’s inner-circle is stacked with Saboteurs. Imma be real, Con men/women are befriended by other con men/women. Something about birds of a feather flock together. So, stay tune for more betrayal and revenge from Donald Trump’s Betrayal. A story of forbidden love gone awry.


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