I’m The Biggest Hypocrite

So, when a see another hypocrite, I smile, because I know I’m not alone. I’ve plenty of company, as a matter of fact, too much is not a bad thing. Hello, I’m in the same league as White Privilege. I kid you not, only in my world, we call it Equality. Same differences, if that makes any sense. I’m a hypocrite, because I honor my worthiness and the worthiness of every American to receive abundance.

Today, we recognized how prepared we are for this battle. Don’t get it twisted, thanks to the Republican Party, corporate news media, and Alt-Right movement, for the last eight years in particular, we’d, (meaning the majority of Americans), had been practicing for this battle to protect President Obama’s legacy. Think about this, for the last eights President Obama endured discomfort without compliant. How? Because President Obama is aligned to, “Grace Under Fire.” We’ll protect his legacy, it’s the least we could do for him.

She won, and that’s why the Alt-Right are still afraid of her. Listen, I don’t blame the Alt-Right, living in fear is no fun for anybody. Yet, one week after the 2016 elections, there’s Trump and his cabal, using their bullying tactics against their perceived enemies. I guess we should be happy, because not one thing changed with those folks. One bullying moment after the next for Trump and his cabal. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but within the upper echelon of Trump’s White Supremacist transition team, a vicious, nasty, corrupt, dishonorable, and toxic  power struggle just exploded. It’s worth noting that this unforeseen burden for the Trump cabal, grew expeditiously within a week of the 2016 election. Word on the street is that Trump’s Presidency will be synonymous with, “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” “Impeachment?” Whatcha talkin’ about Willis? 

Already the Trump transition team looks discombobulated. For example, Kellyanne called on President Obama and Hillary Clinton to help Trump’s fragile ego. It seems the anti-Trump protesters are hurting Trump’s feelings. That says two things to me, one, that Trump and his cabal were not prepared for its toxic power struggle within its own camp, and two, Kellyanne was the first person from team Trump, to wave the white flag of defeat. Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 🙂



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