The Alt-Right Is Still Afraid Of Hillary Clinton

Why is that? Well, I’ll tell you. Because the Alt-Right can’t control their paranoid thoughts that Hillary Clinton will be our next POTUS. C’mon, don’t get me wrong, paranoia is an equal opportunity employer. Meaning, I feel you. As recently as November 8, 2016, my own paranoia got the best of me. That night, I was living in terror, afraid of what could happen under a Trump administration. I couldn’t sleep, too busy feeling all the five stages of grief. 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance. However, by morning, I had a new attitude. Because I was reminded that every paranoid cloud has a silver lining and for me that was aligning with Infinite Patience. See, over the past eight years. I’d been privy to studying the teachings from a very astute teacher, President Obama. He taught me to endure discomfort without complaint. Truth be told, over eight years, President Obama’s Infinite Patience proved to being more powerful than all the Republican’s racist’s obstructionism. Knowing that and feeling that, is peaceful.

Imma be real, everybody plays the fool. So, I ain’t mad at racist folks. Listen, I’d worked in Corporate America and I know for a fact, that I’d played the fool for a lot of Con Men and Women. They made so much money off my back, then treating me like I was stealing from them. Not gonna lie, in order to fulfill my high opinion of myself, I’d found a scapegoat. I’d blame everyone else. Let me share with you, a simple, yet powerful means of finding your passion. Accept responsibility for your behavior and moved on. Every cloud has a silver lining. Glory, glory, hallelujah, I was compensated for my hard work. No, I wasn’t compensated with money, but received greater gifts. Our teachers, President Obama, who is the epitome of Infinite Patience and Hillary Clinton who is the epitome of Infinite Wisdom. So, racist folks, you can endure discomfort without complaint, knowing that you’d played the fool for Donald Trump. Just like I’d played the fool for a lot of Con Men and Women in Corporate American. It won’t be the end of the world when you realize that Trump betrayed you, because just like me, you’re a hard worker, and just like me, you’ll be alright. Being betrayed happens to all of us, that’s called oneness, or what some prefer as being equal.  I was betrayed by Corporate America and you’d been betrayed by Donald Trump. See, we really are equals.

Feeling your oneness with others who you have nothing in common with, expands your horizons. Because as much as we are equal, we’re just has unique. We all bring something unique to the table. Today, I’m more deserving of a livable wage by my own standards, which is a minimum of twenty dollars per hour. Every American with a job, in my world, would receive no less than twenty dollars per hour. It’s called abundance. I honor my worthiness and the worthiness of every American to receive abundance. One of my passions, is elected Progressives, because we believe in a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Now, who said this lofty goal would be easy?

Progressives know how to dust the dirt off their shoulders and keep moving on their path with unflinching determination.



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