We are moving on our path with unflinching determination. We’re stronger together and that hasn’t changed. Our brilliancy at overcoming obstacles grew expeditiously on the night of November 8, 2016. That’s my friends is called, “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.” Hillary Clinton’s supporters believe that what seems gloomy on the surface, has a positive aspect. Which is, that the first Female President of the United States is already here.

Imma be real, the honeymoon is over, reality had set in, and Trump’s supporters are in a perpetual state of paranoia. They’re more terrified today, than they were the day before November 8,2016. They’re use to being betrayed and Trump won’t let them down.

Word to the wise, don’t underestimate a woman with passion. Hillary Clinton’s supporters are aligned with the power of passion. We’ll make the Presidency great again, we’ll clean up the toxic waste left by Trump and his cabal, and we’ll make it look easy.  Hello, success is the best revenge.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters have a knowing that in life, attitude is everything. Can’t stop, won’t stop, we’re on the move. See you in the winner’s circle.