Take Back Your Power, Hug A Trump Supporter

Or at least send them a warm and kind thought. You posses the power of thought, so use it to the utmost. Feel your oneness with every human being and know that we’re stronger together. One of the many great accomplishments of Hillary Clinton, is her timely message from her amazing campaign. It was, “Stronger Together.”  Today, more than ever, it’s an idea whose time had come. I’m grateful this morning for knowing that I’d voted for an exceptional candidate like Hillary Clinton. So the outcome of this election was the opposite of what I’d desired. So what, who said electing our first woman President was going to be easy? I still believe we can achieve this lofty goal. This temporary setback, ain’t gonna deter me. We’d been through worse, Reagan, Bush Jr. Truth be told, not only did we elect a brilliant man, i.e. Bill Clinton for the Presidency, but we elected our first phenomenal Black man, i.e. Barack Obama for the Presidency. Imma keep it real, on November 8, 2016, we’d elected our first woman President. C’mon, Hillary Clinton received the majority of votes, meaning the majority of Americans trumped hate. We did it then, we can do it again. There will be a day, sooner not later, when our next President will represent the majority of voters. Keep that in mind and feel the power of, “Stronger Together.” 

Let the path to victory begin. One of the many attributes of President Obama, was his alignment to Infinite Patience. From my own perspective, President Obama taught me the virtue of Infinite Patience. He endured discomfort without complaint. In my book, President Obama is Phenomenal. Think about this, President Obama is aligned with other virtues specifically, self-control, humility, and generosity. We really did honor our worthiness when we elected for the POTUS, Senator Barack Obama in 2008 and then President Obama in 2012. We repeated our greatness in 2016, because the majority of voters trumped hate. Defused the fear of Trump’s electoral Presidency.

Dust your shoulders off, rolled up your sleeves, and move on your path with unflinching determination.


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