Momma Said There Be Days Like This

I’d been through worse. Listen, it took me approximately eight hours to feel all the stages of grief and this morning, I’d felt a sense of acceptance. It felt liberating and I wanted to dance. I’d accepted that I still honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. Knowing that and feeling that, my cup runneth over with opportunities. Don’t get it twisted, I still have fearful thoughts about a Trump Presidency, I ain’t gonna lie, but even those ego driven moments are a reminder to me, that I’m still worthy of abundance. I’m still worthy of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. I’m still grateful for a President Obama Presidency. Life is unpredictable, but there’s an old saying, It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it that matters.” 
If you’re angry this morning, I don’t blame you, but this ain’t your first rodeo with disappointment. It happens to all of us, the bigger disappointment the better opportunities. This really is our moment, to seize opportunities that are presented to us. Truth be told, we’d just received boundless abundance. We’ll be alright, because in life, attitude is everything.


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