Hillary Clinton And The American Dream Team

I’ll give Hillary Clinton credit for aligning herself with other spiritually enlightened people. I mean, c’mon, you and I possess a powerful force called spiritual enlightenment and I’m with her. I rest my case.

Using the power of voting to elect more spiritual enlightened people like Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, know this, you are honoring every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. Now you know, there’s no excuses left.

You possess the power of spiritual enlightenment, so use it to support our Government for the people, by the people, and for the people.¬†Remember, we’re worthy of abundance.

There’s a must read story titled, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.” Would I lie to you? Anyhoot, once upon a time, back in 2011, Trump seized the birther movement. Back then the Republican Party cheered Trump on, only to find out some four years later, in 2015, that they were betrayed by Trump. C’mon, that’s hilarious, but in order to Republicans to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat, i.e. Hillary Clinton’s emails. Ok, but the best was yet to come, because Trump won the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, because he grabbed all the other Republican nominees by their p***y. Then if that wasn’t enough, Trump aligned his campaign with the notorious Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes. Those three amigos recently and illegally conspired with the FBI for the sole purpose of sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Thanks to Giuliani for letting the cat out of the bag, two days earlier than the actual crime was committed. The crime of collusion with the FBI to criminally sabotaging your political opponent. Why risk perpetrating this heinous crime? Because Hillary Clinton kicked Trump’s misogynistic ass on more than one occasion. Hillary Clinton annihilated Trump’s campaign during those three (3) debates and the Trump’s campaign was seeking revenge via FBIgate. Now Trump and his cabal must cover up their crimes. Good luck with that!

There’s a silver lining for Trump, because what better way to launching Trump TV? I mean, c’mon, Trump TV just gave us a preview of how it will accuse, judge, and prosecute Hillary Clinton’s Presidency for the next eight (8) years, and make a fortune doing it. I can see it now, Trump’s media empire. Listen, the Alt-Right deserves abundance, and what better abundance for them than Trump TV? They’ll be partying likes its 1899.

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