Show Them Some Love

I know, I’m one to talk. Listen, ain’t no shame in my game, I’d written so many snobbish, arrogant, and divisive rhetoric on this blog, that blogging about love, ain’t nature for me. But, here’s the real deal, Trump’s supporters need one thing, LOVE. Shocking? Don’t be, it just makes sense, in order to fulfill our Consciousness of Abundance we should see the image of GOD in everyone. Holy smokes, this is your mission impossible. Imma be real, I see a little of myself, in Trump’s supporters. Knowing that and feeling that, I’m on the path to self-realization. Hillary Clinton, among others, taught me how to stay on the path of self-realization. C’mon, Hillary Clinton wrote, The Guild To Standing Up To Bullies.” With her years of expertise crushing bullies in her path, trust me, she kicks ass and takes numbers. Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but her best is yet to come. Don’t get me twisted, Trump is one step closer to announcing his media empire. C’mon, he crushed his competition, i.e. our corporate news media, on more than one occasion. Trump’s Comey you do own me, homey scam, was a thing of beauty. A brilliant scam worthy of this blogger’s recognition. Listen, Trump TV kicks corporate news media in its ass and takes numbers.

Stay tune for more adventures of Trump TV

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