Hillary Clinton Crushed Misogyny In Its Tracks

It was brilliant. Yesterday, October 28, 2016, Hillary Clinton showed the world how to stand up to misogynistic bullies. Listen, it’s no secret that Hillary Clinton had years of experience standing up to men like Trump. C’mon, truth be told, today, Hillary Clinton has the Political Dream Team, i.e. President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders and she deserves every moment of bliss. It was no surprise to me when the FBI Director went back to his misogynistic roots, and gave Donald Trump, his spox, and supporters some love. C’mon, misogynistic people have no qualms showing kindness to other misogynistic people. Knowing that and feeling that, you can’t be too upset at the FBI Director for trying to level the playing field for Trump. He knows Trump is getting his ass kicked by Hillary Clinton and her Dream Team, so I get it. If one misogynistic man helps another misogynistic man, who am I to judge. Truth be told, Trump needs all the help he can get.

While Trump bragged about his business savvy on the campaign trail, the reality was that Trump’s business empire was in ruins. His businesses were failing and his name was so toxic, that he had no choice but to steal money from his own campaign contributions to save his struggling businesses. But, and here’s the best part, after Trump announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, our corporate news media willingly gave Trump over two billion dollars worth of free media time. But, Trump showed his appreciation by betraying our corporate news media. Because on September 16, 2016, Trump gave our corporate news media his middle finger when he held a fake press conference, to promote his new hotel. Then his partner in crime, Steve Bannon taunted news reporters via Twitter. Now, you tell me Trump’s behavior wasn’t wicked? Just proves that Trump is a Con Man and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone. C’mon, you can’t put that Genie back into the bottle, just sayin!

However, our corporate news media strikes back. In this episode, Trump’s sexual predator behavior came roaring onto the spot light and our corporate news media was more than willing to saturate the air waves with it. Trump’s polling numbers tank, but in order for Trump to fulfill his superiority complex, he found a scapegoat, Hillary’s emails. Joining Trump on his mission to minimize his sexual predator behavior, were misogynistic men from all walks of life. Many are employed by our corporate news media. Hey, all I can say to Trump is, “Good luck with that,” because Hillary Clinton wrote, “The Guide To Standing Up To Bullies.” 


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