When At First Trump Practiced To Betray

But, and here’s the best part, anti-President Obama folks, harshly criticized Obamacare, while honoring how Trump is exploiting his campaign contributions for his own financial gain. In other words, Trump is a con man. To say that Trump had left a trail of human wreckage behind him, would be an understatement. But, in order to fulfill their superiority complex, Trump’s supporters found a scapegoat or two. Today, October 28, 2016, Obamacare and Hillary’ hacked emails are the scapegoats most preferred by Trump supporters. I ain’t mad at Conservatives, pulling Obamacare out of their insidious hat was clever. Lets be real, the family values folks, i.e. Evangelical Christians hate the idea that every American is worthy of abundance. Which may explain why Evangelical Christians fall prey to Sociopaths like Trump. Trump exploits Evangelical Christians’s fears for his own personal gratification and, I kid you not, our corporate news media perceives Trump as their hero. While President Obama and Hillary Clinton honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance, and our corporate media perceived them as Bonnie and Clyde. Notorious villains straight outta The Roger Ailes’s, “How to manipulate racists, homophobic, xenophobic, paranoid, fearful, angry, self-loathing, and spiteful Americans Playbook.” It’s no secret that since it’s conception, FOXNEWS was nothing more than a Brothel, masquerading as a cable news channel. In order for FOXNEWS to conceal it’s dirty little sex slave secret, it manipulated the Birthers. It was brilliant, by keeping Birthers feeling insecure, while FOXNEWS held out the carrot stick of security, i.e. voting Republican. For twenty years FOXNEWS had its cake and was eating it too. Then in 2016, the curtains were opened, and the Wizard Roger Ailes turned out to be a sexual predator. Imagine being a faithful viewer of FOXNEWS only to find out that you were being manipulated by a sexual predator? That would piss you off to no boundaries. Well, now you know why Trump’s supporters are so upset, enraged, and unhinged. They’re mad at Roger Ailes, but they’re taking their frustrations out on their scapegoats, i.e. President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Trump TV was an idea whose time had come. Trump took Roger Ailes guide to manipulating Birthers, and he manipulated the Alt-Right. So in Trump’s corner are the Birthers and the Alt-Right. In the Republican/Conservative world, that’s game, set, and match. Trump has all the marbles and every Republican/Conservative unwillingly have to bow down to him. Trust me, some of them hate being submissive to Trump, so know this, as I’m writing this blog, Republicans/Conservatives are either plotting to bring down Trump, or jumping on Trump’s con man wagon. What makes this story of betrayal and revenge so spectacular, is that Trump’s insidious nature to scam and/or swindle others is contagious. Thanks to Trump, con men/women are coming out of the woodwork.  Even Newt Gingrich wants another bite at the apple. Scam on Trump, scam on! Those Birthers and Alt-Right folks will never know they’re being duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump and his possé of con artists.

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