Hillary Clinton Is An Exceptionally Brilliant Strategist

And, so are the people she surrounds herself with. Mothers Of The Moment, come to my mind as the epitome of Infinite Patience and Infinite Wisdom. Being in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, I can only imagine, is like working for Oprah Winfrey. Good times for everyone because everyone is as spectacular as a shooting star. Truth be told, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is just one of the two great political campaigns of the 21st Century. Why? Because Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Patience and Infinite Wisdom. Boohay! 🙂

I think its safe to say, that Hillary Clinton can kick some misogynistic ass and take numbers.

Oh, and by the way, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance.

I’m not the only one that feels this way, check this out:


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