The Boy Who Cried Rigged

There once was a boy who seized a flock of sheep from the Republican Party. He had the propensity to lie often and without hesitation. After he’d bullied his way into the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, he cried, “Rigged,” whenever he faced failure in the polling. The corporate media would stop what they were doing to run and save the boy from reality that the boy was unfit to becoming POTUS. The boy just continued to lie. The boy played this joke over and over until the corporate media tired of him. One day the boy watched his presidential aspirations go up in smoke after a audio tape emerged where he bragged about sexually assaulting women. Then several women came forward to reveal to the world just how much of a sexual predator the boy was. The boy cried, “Rigged.” But it it was too late, because the corporate media had a feast reporting the deviant sexual behavior perpetrated by the boy.

The moral of this story: Only a flock of sheep will believe a habitual liar because they don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. 

Trump and his supporters have no qualms advocating violence against others if Trump doesn’t win this election. Proving once again how psychotic Trump and his supporters are. Truth be told, Trump’s spox are vultures who are experts at exploiting our corporate news media’s belief in misogyny and white supremacy.

Hey Anderson Cooper, your “Interview” with Melania was so corrupt it was journalistic malpractice.

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