Trump’s Spox Are The Epitome Of Psychotic Thinking

They are so out of touch with reality, that they are having episodes of paranoia and hallucinations defending Trump. They engage in reckless excuses and/or scapegoating for Trump’s deviant sexual behavior. Their thought processes are more disturbing than those of FOXNEWS. They glibly rationalized Trump’s behavior, confirming to the world how mentally unstable they are. Although their appearances on cable news is cringe worthy to watch, they’re good for rating$ and profit$.

Speaking of psychotic thinking, some on the religious right have lost their goddamn minds. Seriously, the roots of misogyny and white supremacy began in the book of Genesis. Truth be told, a serpent deceived Adam into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, and he gave some of the fruit to Eve. However, religious leaders want us to believe that the fall and expulsion from Eden was because of that bitch Eve. Today, religious men hold a grudge because they believe a woman was the first sinner. C’mon, don’t let men like Trump fool you, for them women are the original scapegoat.

Imma be real, Trump’s supporters find it hard to accept the idea that Trump is cunning, devious, and ruthless and that they’re being exploited by Trump for Trump’s personal gratification.

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