Donald Trump You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Because of your character. You carry the burden of being a Narcissist, Sociopath, Pathological Liar, Con Man, and Sexual Predator. If not for the merging of misogyny, white supremacy, and our corporate news media, your days in politics would had been a nanosecond. If not for the Republican Party’s racist intent towards our first African-American President, your rise in the Republican Party would had been a nanosecond. But, and here’s the best part, your enablers are suffering from mental weaknesses, i.e. racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, you get the picture, and truth be told, your enablers are their own worst enemies.

When faced with failure, Narcissists like Trump need to fulfill their superiority complex by finding a scapegoat. Today, Trump blames the corporate news media for his despicable poll numbers. Imma break it down in biblical terms for Trump’s supporters, “The Corporate Media giveth, and the Corporate Media taketh away.” 

For most women, Trump is the epitome of, “You can’t grab our pu**y, then tell us you respect women. ” Word on the street, most women know Trump is a sexual predator. The only women fooled by Trump, are their own worst enemy.

Elected Republicans still supporting Trump are holding onto a illusion, a pipe dream, a fantasy induced by the reason Trump sniffles, a misogynistic dream, a nightmare in Trump Tower, and my favorite, a weapon of mass destruction. Honestly, Republicans finally found their WMD. Imma say this to elected Republicans, “Be careful what you wish for.” 

The sociopath named Donald Trump exploited those women he’d invited to his pre-debate scam, for his own personal gratification.

In some of the words of Elton John, “I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, that I put it down in words, how wonderful political life is while Hillary Clinton is in this world.” 

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