It’s One Thing To Know That Trump Has An Abnormal Sexual Fixation Towards His Daughter

But, it’s another thing to live with it. Just saying it may explain how Trump’s 1995 tax returns were sent to the NY Times. Follow my logic, it’s a know hell to live in the shadow of one sibling. You know, how one sibling receives from one or both parents, the lion share of attention, preferential treatment, and in Trump’s case, abnormal sexual fixation. Imma be real, betrayal is in the DNA of all Trump’s children, as well as the DNA of revenge. Let me put it to you this way, what if you had to live a similar environment?

Knowing that and feeling that, you can bet that Trump’s other siblings had reasons to sabotage Trump’s Presidential campaign. Enquiring minds want to know, if one of Trump’s children are a lone wolf, meaning he/she is sabotaging Trump on his/her own volition? Or if two or more of Trump’s children are in cahoots?

The truth is, when faced with racism, my first instinct was revenge. I really don’t love being treated harshly because of my skin color. , that’s all changed, because today I know that racist people are easily manipulated by con men like Trump. So my need for revenge is futile. Today, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a gift that keeps on giving. Because you and I know, Trump has a long history of betrayals including, but no limited to his betrayal towards four of his five children. Trump speaks to men, who like Trump would love to date their own daughters. Maybe that’s why our corporate new media is so obsessed with Trump. Men like Trump own our corporate news media. Opps, there it is!


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