Trump Brutally Betrayed Cuban-Americans

Listen, I knew Trump had a long history of betrayal, but his betrayal of Cuban-Americans, should be in the Hall Of Shame. It’s a scam just like Trump’s tax returns, meaning it was “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” For those of you just tuning in, Trump betrayed Cuban-Americans back in 1998, when he violated the Cuban embargo. But, and here’s the best part, approximately one year later, Trump stood in front of a Cuban-American audience and lied to their faces about supporting the Cuban embargo, because Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator. What was even more impressive, Trump was believable. I saw the video, did you? If not, you’re in for a big surprise, because it proved one thing, that Trump was great at lying. However today, in the year 2016 Trump is a ninja warrior at lying. Truth be told, Trump can pee on his supporters and tell them it’s raining, and his supporters will believe him. Imma be real, now that’s impressive. You and I know, that Trump’s supporters are suffering from one or more weaknesses, i.e. racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc…, and that con men like Trump instinctively exploit those weaknesses for their own financial gain and/or personal gratification. Sort of like how our corporate news media exploited and still exploits those same weaknesses for rating$ and profit$. I ain’t mad at cha! 🙂 Since the merging of misogyny, white supremacy, and cable news, opportunities for bloggers like me grew expeditiously. Meaning, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is sizzling with misogyny, white supremacy, betrayal and revenge, and our corporate news media willingly dismissed this tale. I’m ecstatic, because it means no competition.

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Trump’s fatal mistake was dividing the Republican vote. He seized the birther movement back in 2011, you know, #BasketOfDeplorables, but left a substantial number of Republican voters, who are living in reality. The reality that Trump is a con man. Trump was exposed during the recent debate, the Genie came out of the bottle, the curtains were opened, the mask felled off, and millions of Republicans saw Trump as the con man that he is. But when faced with failure, Trump desperately needed to fulfill his superiority complex. So, he found a scapegoat or two to conceal his own sins. Now this is hilarious, because as recently as September 16, 2016, Trump betrayed our corporate news media. Trump’s birther press conference, morphed into an infomercial for Trump’s new hotel. Trump duped, bamboozled, and punk’d our corporate news media, and trust me, betrayal begets revenge. Just ask the Republican Party.

Trump’s strategy to taunt Hillary Clinton about Bill’s extramarital affairs, will only remind us that FOXNEWS is synonymous with a brothel. Which will remind FOXNEWS viewers that they were duped, bamboozled, and punk’d for over two decades. Bring it on Trump, because Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, and all you have is the fraudulent, ancient, and I can’t believe it’s still working “FOXNEWS Con Man Playbook.”

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