Betrayal And Revenge Are Trump’s Forte

If you’re a fan of betrayal and revenge, then Donald Trump’s Betrayal will not disappoint you. Every morning, I’m like a kid on Christmas, I can’t wait to open my present. In this case, blog post topics. So without further ado, I give you, “Hillary Clinton kicked Donald Trump’s ass so hard during the recent debate, that the damage spread onto his kids.” But, in order for Trump to fulfill his superiority complex, he found several scapegoats, i.e. mic, rigged Moderator, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, too nice a gentlemen, liberal media, you get the picture. Anyhoot, Trump and his pay for play enablers, are committed to Trump’s ego and his obsession with being Alt-Right. For example, Trump decided that the evidence to prove he’d won the debate, were Conservative voter fraud polling websites, and his own choir of egotistical operatives, singing gospel songs aimed at holding Trump in high esteem. One of my favorite Trump gospel song, “GOD Speaks His Mind.”  Meaning that whatever Trump says, is from GOD’s lips to Trump’s ears. So, make no mistake, Trump is biblical to his supporters. When they look at Trump, they see wings behind him, they’re mesmerized by Trump. He’s their savior. But, and here’s the best part, beneath Trump’s seductive veneer, is a cunning, devious, and ruthless con man and betrayal and revenge are his forte.

In this episode, “Trump violated the Cuban Embargo,” a video was released of Trump’s ability to lie with a straight face. Speaking for myself, I thought Trump was impressive as far as his propensity to betray others. Back in 1998, Trump violated the Cuban Embargo, but approximately one year later in 1999, Trump flirted with launching a Presidential campaign and went to Florida, and lied to Cuban-Americans, with a straight face. Trump vowed that he would never spend money in Cuba. He way lying because in 1998, a company owned by Trump had spent at least $68,000 in reimbursement fees. Because Trump sent consultants to Cuba in 1988, to explore hotel opportunities and they billed Trump for reimbursement. Meaning Trump spent money in Cuba in 1998. First, imagine if Hillary Clinton had be accused of perpetrated that scam. Second, imagine how much time Trump had perfected his skill at lying with ease. What you won’t hear from our corporate news media, is that today Trump is lying to his base just like he was lying to those Cuban-Americans, back in 1999. Only today, Trump is an expert at lying.

Trust me on this, Trump had left a trail of betrayal in his wake, meaning thousands, if not millions of Americans sought, are seeking, or contemplating revenge against Trump. Knowing that, it’s easy for me to see why Trump is paralyzed with fear. Fear begets betrayal. Betrayal begets revenge. Truth be told, the Republican Party is seeking revenge against Trump, because like thousands, if not millions of other Americans, Trump betrayed the Republican Party back in 2011. If you want more info on that, read my previous blogs under the category, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.”  Warning before reading, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal,” because it’s a juicy, sizzling and treacherous tale of betrayal and revenge.  😀

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