Jennifer Flowers $20 Million Dollars Incentive Deal

Who would have thunk it, that Trump could be so easily manipulated? Trump inadvertently gave Jennifer Flowers a $20 million dollars incentive deal to take down his campaign. Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis? OK, first things first, know your mark. Gretchen Carson paved the road for other smart, articulate, and ambition women to a $20 million dollars or more, payout destination. Because men like Trump believe they’re superior. It would be like taking candy from a baby. All Jennifer Flowers had to do was press the record button for audio or video, on her smart phone, and record Trump talking shit about White Supremacists. C’mon, Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about White Supremacists, because he’s exploiting their misogynistic and superiority personas. Truth be told, Karma is a Bitch! Enquiring minds want to know, how much money would Trump pay to Jennifer Flowers to destroy that tape? What I do know, is that Gretchen Carson received $20 million dollars, to destroy her audio tapes of Roger Ailes engaging in the art of seduction. Trump invited Jennifer Flowers to be a thorn in Hillary Clinton’s side, but Jennifer Flowers is an audio or video tape away from negotiating a hefty payout. Jennifer Flowers, like her or not, saw an opportunity of a lifetime, and seized it. I ain’t mad at her. I’d say yes too.

So, the stage is set, Trump is paralyzed with fear, because he’ll still have to face Hillary Clinton, Mark Cuban. But the best part, Jennifer Flowers came out of no where and publicly punk’d Trump. She beat Trump at his own game. She made a fool out of Trump. Listen, I’ll give Hillary some credit, inviting Mark Cuban to sit in a front row seat, at the debates, knowing that Trump is paralyzed with fear of being in the same room with Mark Cuban. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Hillary’s brilliant strategy changed the conscientious of millions of American voters. Because Hillary once again revealed Trump’s weaknesses. In this case, Trump’s Narcissistic and Sociopath personas. Jennifer Flowers will exploit Trump’s weaknesses for her own financial and personal gratification. Yes, Trump, women are equal to men.

Black Lives Matter is changing the conscientious of millions of Americans three words at a time. A new dawn is upon America and we’re worth it. Black Lives Matter.

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