Pay For Play Policing

When a White Supremacist cop has a gun in his/her hand, suddenly he/she is afraid of an unarmed African-American. However, when a White Supremacist has legislation in his hands, suddenly he’s out for revenge against African-Americans. Suddenly a White Supremacist with legislation in his hands, has no qualms publicly dehumanizing African-Americans. Suddenly a White Supremacist with legislation in his hands, acknowledges that he’s superior and everyone else is beneath him. Suddenly a White Supremacist with legislation in his hands, is unafraid of African-Americans. Why? Because White Supremacists in public office are desperately trying to divert attention away from the new White Supremacist Cop’s incentive program. A 401KKK retirement plan. Assassinate unarmed African-American, retire from the force, or receive a promotion, and a hefty tax payer income for life. It’s like the Publisher’s Clearance House sweepstakes, only White Supremacist Cops can play. As long as Americans are protesting this egregious and odious racism, the greater the chances of more Americans connecting the dots, and realizing that assassinating unarmed African-Americans is just another pay for play policing. So, what do White Supremacists do? Find a scapegoat, for the sins they wish to conceal.

Most of us know that dishonesty and deceit permeates Trump relationships. Knowing that, most of us know that Trump exploits others for financial gain and/or personal gratification.

Exhibit A: Back in 2011, Trump exploited the Republican Party’s misogynistic and White Supremacists beliefs. By seizing the birther movement, Trump seduced the Birthers, while betraying the Republican Party. Oh, did I mention, the Republican Party cheered Trump on back in 2011. On June 16, 2015, the Republican Party was on noticed that Trump had indeed betrayed their dumb asses four years ago. Listen, Imma be real, back in 2011, the Republican Party was obsessed with dehumanizing our first African-American President, making it easy for Trump to dehumanize the Republican Party. Trump scammed, swindled, and bamboozled the Republican Party and today all members grudgingly kowtows to Trump, yet in order for the Republican Party to fulfill their White Superiority, they always find a scapegoat. Classic White Supremacist’s tactic.

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