Trump TV Is Brilliant

Wanna hear an upbeat story in the mist of our national mourning? Well, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what, the glass is half full. Since the merging of misogyny, White Supremacist beliefs and cable news, our elections had moved into the unique genre 0f reality TV. Knowing that and feeling that, all I can say is, Trump TV saves us from chasms of misery. It’s perfect for Trump’s ego, but the best part, we have a knowing, that we deserve our Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Say what you want about Trump, but in 2011 he exploited the Republican Party’s misogynistic and White Supremacists beliefs for his own personal gratification. Oh, but it gets better, because at the same time, the Republican Party cheered Trump on for seizing the birther movement. Yeah, the same Republican Party engaged in dehumanizing our first African-American President, were dehumanized by Donald Trump. How they show their faces in public, tells me some of them are still in shock. Trump duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink the Republican Party back in 2011, by seizing the birther movement, while the Republican Party cheered Trump on. By the time the Republican Party got wind that maybe, just maybe, they’d been punk’d by Trump, was on June ¬†16, 2015. The day Trump announced his candidacy. Truth be told, I was also clueless until that day. That day changed the way I’d perceived the Republican Party. As Trump’s boy toys. Till this day, the Republican Party pretends that they were never brutally manipulated by Trump in 2011. But to any astute observer, Trump had moved pass the Republican Party and recently demolished our corporate news media by exploiting its misogynistic and White Supremacist beliefs, for his own personal gratification. At this rate, Trump won’t stop tearing down the walls protecting the 1%. Trump TV is far more superior at exploiting misogynistic and White Supremacist men/women. Trump TV makes FOXNEWS look like an amateur. Now that’s saying a lot. C’mon, Trump TV is aligned with the Alt-Right King and Brothel King, or what I’d prefer as three Jason Bourne on one team, ya feeling me? Our corporate news media is limping off the field, after receiving an ass whooping from Trump TV. Since its no secret that our corporate news media merged with misogyny and White Supremacist beliefs for rating$, and gave a middle finger to Hillary supporters. In a way, it made good business sense. In other words, that merging created more wealth for the 1%. Here’s the real deal, misogyny and White Supremacist beliefs are mental weaknesses. Those who carry the burden of misogynistic and White Supremacist beliefs are easily manipulated. Everyone knows that, especially Trump, Alt-Right!

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