Trump TV Holds White Supremacists In High Esteem

Knowing that and feeling that, it’s easy to see how Trump recently obliterated our corporate news media. Listen, I can’t make this shit up, because our corporate news media cheered Trump on. Sounds familiar? Well it should, because Trump perpetrated the same scam on the entire Republican Party back in 2011. Trump seized the birther movement while the Republican Party cheered him on. Then, and here’s the best part, it wasn’t until June 16, 2015, when the Republican Party realized that Trump had obliterated them back in 2011. By seizing the birther movement, Trump divided the Republican base, and he walked away with a majority. The majority being White Supremacists. Oh, it gets better. Because recently Trump exploited our corporate news media’s misogynistic and White Supremacy beliefs for his own personal gratification. Trump obliterated our corporate news media, to the degree that millions of viewers like myself, tuned out. I’d mentioned before how I’d watch MSNBC religiously, until the stank of misogyny and White Supremacy came pouring out my television screen. I knew then, it was time to move on. I’d boycotted MSNBC, and surprising, finding more creative ways to spend my time. C’mon, you’ll have to admit, that Trump’s plot to demolished our corporate news media came to fruition. How do I know? Because Trump poured salt onto our corporate news media’s wounds. He had Alt-Right Bannon taunt and ridiculed the corporate news media via a tweet. Which means, Trump TV had launched and its first strategy was to crush the competition. Damn, I’m impressed.

Trump delivered the 2016 Presidential election to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter, so he could go off into the sunset riding high on Trump TV. But in order to succeed, Trump TV had to demolish the competition. What better way to annihilate our corporate news media than to exploit its misogynistic & White Supremacy beliefs. That’s exactly what Trump TV did. But get this, Trump exploited the Republican Party’s misogynistic and White Supremacy beliefs back in 2011, when he seized the birther movement. Back them, Trump annihilated the entire Republican Party by dividing the base and walking away with the majority. The majority being White Supremacists. I’ll admit, I’d underestimated the number of White Supremacists who aligned with the Republican Party, just like the Republican Party did. Who would have thunk it, that a majority of the Republican base are White Supremacists? Well, now we know, like the Republican Party knows today that it made a fatal error in 2011, by underestimating their White Supremacy base. By doing so, in 2011 Trump seduced the White Supremacists and as an added bonus, he obliterated the Republican Party. Recently, it appeared that Trump had bitten the hand that feds him, but to astute observers, something more sinister happened. Trump obliterated our corporate news media by exploited its weaknesses, i.e., misogynistic and White Supremacy beliefs.

Trump TV’s ratings grew expeditiously when the nation’s largest police union endorsed Donald Trump. Kudos to Trump and his co-conspirators. Now we know, that Trump TV holds White Supremacists in high esteem.

Since betrayal begets revenge, I’ll encourage you to stay tune for more episodes of Donald Trump’s Betrayal.

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