Trump TV vs Our Corporate Media Apparatus

Was it just me, or did you see Trump TV open up a can of whoop ass on our corporate media apparatus. Trump TV effortlessly crushed its competition, i.e. our corporate media apparatus. All this time, Trump TV was the driving force behind Trump’s Presidential campaign. Trump TV did a Mission Impossible on our corporate media apparatus. I’m talking old school, so deal with it. I was impressed and trust me, I know betrayal. Just when I’d de-fused my fear of a Trump Presidency, a bright light came on and revealed, “Trump TV.” It makes sense, because betrayal is the driving force within our corporate media apparatus. C’mon, everyone knows that betrayal begets revenge. Holy smokes, betrayal and revenge together in one story, jackpot for me. My good fortune began in the year 2011 when Trump seized the birther movement. But, get this, the Republican Party in its haste to point its middle finger at Democrats, never saw Trump’s betrayal coming. The Republican Party was blindsided by Trump’s betrayal in 2015. To add salt on the Republican’s wounds, Trump bragged that he had a four year head start. The Republican Party soon came to realize that the Birthers were on team Trump. The facial expressions on Republicans back then, revealed how much they’d felt the agony of defeat. Then, from zero to 100, Republicans all kowtowed to Trump’s campaign. Believe this or not, but the best was yet to come. Listen, since the merging of misogyny and cable news, our corporate media had no qualms holding up its middle finger at Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Unbeknownst to our corporate media apparatus, Trump’s plan had come to fruition, and Trump TV set out to demolished its competition, i.e. our corporate media apparatus. Speaking for myself, Trump made duping Republicans back in 2011 look easy. All I’m saying is that, who would have thunk it, but the our corporate media apparatus was callously betrayed by Trump TV. Today, Republicans are smiling because they just received a powerful ally in their quest for revenge against Trump. Stay tune for more episodes of Donald Trump’s Betrayals.

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