Hillary Clinton Created The Birthers?

That means Trump delivered the 2016 Presidential election over to Hillary Clinton on a sliver platter. Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?  Hear me out, Hillary Clinton supporters. This is good news and it explains Trump’s recent exploitation of our corporate media apparatus. Trump brutally betrayed our corporate media apparatus by admitting that Hillary Clinton created the Birthers. Which means the Birthers will be voting for Hillary Clinton. Which means Hillary Clinton had already won the 2016 Presidential election. Holy smokes, Trump duped, bamboozled, and punk’d our misogynistic corporate media apparatus. He beat them at their own game, by lying that Trump was the Birther King. Implicating that the Birthers were on team Trump. However, here we are two months away from the election, and Trump’s plan came to fruition. He punk’d our corporate media apparatus for his own personal gratification. Look, I can’t make this shit up, Trump said that Hillary Clinton created the Birthers, so I’m taking Trump at his word. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Hillary Clinton gave the Birthers life, and they won’t forsake their creator.  Alt-Right!

Our corporate media apparatus had been so busy giving Hillary Clinton’s supporters the middle finger, it never saw that Trump was opening up a can of whoop ass on it. Trump handed Hillary Clinton the election on a silver platter. Trump told the world that Hillary Clinton created the Birthers. Listen, I’m as shock as anyone. But then it hit me like a #BasketOfDeplorables that Birthers are beholden to Hillary Clinton. Which means the #BasketOfDeplorables will be voting for Hillary Clinton. Which means Trump lost the 2016 election. Which means Hillary Clinton’s supporters owe Trump a big thank you. Listen, it was just a matter of time, before Trump betrayed our corporate media apparatus. In 2011, this man seduced the Birthers, while he betrayed the Republican Party.  Now it’s 2016 and Trump betrayed our corporate media apparatus, by admitting that Hillary Clinton created the Birthers. Oh, it gets better, because he didn’t accomplish this task by himself. No, he enlisted the expert help of Bannon and Ailes. Then, like throwing sand in our corporate media apparatus’s eye, Trump let Katrina Pierson and Kellyanne Conway pissed all over our corporate media and tell it, that it’s raining. This election for Trump had been about betraying our corporate media apparatus, and I for one, enjoyed seeing the Trump TV channel demolished its competition. Our corporate media apparatus never saw Trump’s betrayal coming. “Who’s you daddy now?” 

Trump’s long list of betrayals, just got longer. 😀

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