The Rise And Fall Of A Narcissistic Sociopath Name Donald Trump

Since the merging of misogyny and cable news, Trump had been seen as the return of Christ. Yesterday, September 16, 2016, our cable news media apparatus descended to its lowest. Not only did Trump betray our cable news apparatus, but ridiculed, taunted, and boosted about betraying it. Trump turned against his benefactors. If that’s not the behavior of a Narcissistic Sociopath, then I don’t know what else to tell you. Oh, and by the way, betrayal begets revenge. The rise and fall of Trump coming to a cable news channel near you.

Since dishonesty and deceit permeates Trump’s every waking moment, it was no surprise to me that he exploited our cable news media for his own personal gratification. C’mon, it’s just a matter of days before Trump’s hatred towards his own supporters comes to light.

Trump can easily become enraged or severely whine about his poll numbers declining, just sayin!

Hillary Clinton is twenty points ahead of Trump in national polling.

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