See The Image Of Success In Hillary Clinton

Then you too will know the efficacy of truth. The truth that our corporate media news apparatus doesn’t want you to know. That Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, Grace Under Fire, and Abundance. It’s been two days since I’d taken a stand and refused to watch any corporate media news. Today I am centered in the power of the present. Meaning, the agony of misogyny had all but dissipated. Believe this or not, but misogyny sells and that’s why our corporate media news apparatus had invested heavily into portraying Trump as if he had Clinton’s qualifications, while simultaneously, portraying Clinton as if she had Trump’s sociopath personality. Listen, it’s no secret that our corporate media news apparatus is selling misogyny to increase its ratings. Rating$ equal profit$. C’mon, we live in a misogynistic country. We had been conditioned to believe that men are superior. Let me put it to you this way, Trump would not last a day, if our corporate media news portrayed him in the same manner in which it portrays Clinton. Beneath Trump’s John Wayne veneer, he’s paralyzed with fear. The fact that Clinton had been vilified for over two decades and is still standing tall, speaks volume to her Divine Will power.

Living with the merging of misogyny and cable news, an astute observer can easily see why our corporate media news apparatus excuses Trump’s faults, but harshly criticizes Hillary Clinton. The mistaken belief that Clinton is somehow inferior to Trump, is the reason why we should take a stand and tune out our corporate media new apparatus. Just say no to our corporate media new apparatus.


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