Psychological Illusions

Our corporate media apparatus seems to enjoy its deliberate and continued verbal assault on Hillary Clinton. Leaving me with this conclusion, that our corporate media apparatus is guilty of creating a psychological illusion motivated by misogyny. The only way for me to combat this deceptive and/or misleading tactic is to not watch cable news. That’s it. Since we know that ratings are the Holy Grail for our corporate media apparatus, my only choice is to tune out. Will it be easy? No, because I’m in the habit of watching MSNBC. But sadly even I had to admit, that MSNBC knows that Trump is a sociopath, yet assaults Hillary Clinton as if she’s the sociopath, and portrays Trump as if he has Hillary Clinton’s qualifications. How much of this psychological illusion can Hillary supporters take? I mean it’s frustrating and speaking for myself, I’ll admit, I’ve been living in denial.  I keep hoping that MSNBC will portray Trump and his cabal of con men/women as the sociopaths that they are. But no, Trump and his cabal are still held in high esteem. I’ll have to admit, Joy Reed had giving me some hope, but sadly, it’s not enough. For every one Joy Reed, there are 1o Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell. The verbal assault on Hillary Clinton has no boundaries and apparently is a feast for racist, xenophobic, homophobic, fearful, and paranoid Trump supporters. Since I’m not a Trump supporter, I can no longer watch MSNBC.

Speaking of the #BasketOfDeplorables our corporate media apparatus is the Godfather.

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