Trump Is Paralyzed With Fear

For over two decades Hillary Clinton had been overwhelmingly and repetitively the target of our corporate media apparatus’s abuse. Hillary Clinton is not afraid of taking risk, she has a yes I can attitude. She didn’t get permission from the corporate media to speak her mind, i.e. #BasketOfDeplorable. Now why is that? Because of the merging of misogyny and mass media, she knows how to beat Trump at his own game. But, and here’s the best part, Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, while Trump is paralyzed with fear. Men like Trump equate their masculinity with aggression, so violent rhetoric against Hillary Clinton goes unpunished within our corporate media apparatus. However, Hillary Clinton’s self-fulfillment is a threat to men like Trump. Trump’s single purpose is putting Hillary Clinton in her place. It’s also the goal of our corporate media apparatus. Their efforts are futile, because men like Trump lead by fear, while Hillary Clinton leads by faith.

She’s still here, she’s still standing and she had converted the hatred towards her, into victory. That’s why I’m with Her.

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