The World’s Oldest Prejudice

Misogyny. C’mon, I think it’s safe to say that Conservatives see women as either “mothers” or “whores.” Hey Kellyanne Conway, Trump doesn’t see you as a mother. I hope you cash that check before Trump puts a stop payment on it.

The merging of misogyny and cable news is the reason why racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and paranoid people are held in high esteem. Why Donald Trump is the 2016 GOP’s nomination for the POTUS. Why Trump’s insidious behavior is minimized. Why Hillary Clinton is harshly criticized. Why a sexual predator, Roger Ailes was rewarded $40 million, while the victims of Roger Ailes’s sexual harassment received less. Why Matt Lauer gave Trump preferential treatment. Why Trump’s supporters love Trump because he speaks his mind, but are offended by Hillary Clinton when she spoke her mind, i.e. #BasketOfDeplorables

Trump exploits his supporter’s fears, limited vision, and lack of self-esteem, because like attracts like.

Hillary Clinton is patient, persistent, and positive, and exemplifies Grace Under Fire. She’s a formidable opponent.

Trump and his cabal of opportunistic predators are the world’s oldest prejudice. Trump is paralyzed with fear.

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