Thank You Phyllis Schlafly

Recently Phyllis Schlafly saw the seemingly impossible had become possible. She saw the image of GOD in everyone and for the first time in her life, she felt her oneness with every human being. At that moment, she knew, Trump had exploited her fears and the fears of millions of Americans, especially when it came to immigration. Also, at that moment she knew, that Trump was a Con Man. There’s an old saying “An old fool used to be a young fool.” Trust me, Phyllis Schlafly is working beyond the grave to bring Amnesty to those she once feared.

You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Hillary Clinton is aligned with the power of Infinite Wisdom. She’s so good at politics, that men like Trump are lining up to challenge her, but she has to give them a number, and they have to wait their turn, to receive their ass whooping.

You won’t here this from our corporate media apparatus, but FEAR is the key to Trump’s campaign, so if you need fear to live your life, fear of others, then it’s understandably that Trump is your man. Oh, and by the way, Trump will betray you, sooner not later. Good luck with that!

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