$25,000 Sex Slave

The best part of this salacious, pay for play, sex romp scandal, it’s the tip of the iceberg. No telling how many “donations,” Trump made to the Bondi’s in this world. C’mon, Trump left a trail of scams that he’d perpetrated on thousands of Americans, how easy was it for Bondi to call up Trump to blackmail him over his dubious Trump University. However, Trump recorded her conversation, sent her a check, which he later cancelled, then coerced her into his bed. Bondi only defense, I didn’t do it. Bondi danced with the, “Devil,” and now she’s feeling the heat.

Twenty million dollars of hush money. Damn, those audio tapes must had been salacious. The pervert received forty million dollars, while the victim received twenty million dollars. Just proves my point that FOXNEWS is synonymous with Sexual Predators.

It safe to say that Trump’s supporters had made unhappiness a chronic habit. Thereby, there will be no apologizes for the pain and hurt caused by Trump when he betrays them. Just ask Trump latest victim, Pastor Mark Burns, just sayin!



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