Pastor Mark Burns, AKA Uncle Ruckus, Lied On His Resumé

Oh, but it gets better, because Pastor Mark Burns blamed the media for trying to destroy his character. Seriously, it’s so obvious to me, that Trump exposed this Uncle Ruckus’s dirty little secrets. Hey Pastor Mark Burns, aka, Uncle Ruckus, “Who’s your blackface now?” 

Who would have thunk it, that behind all those insidious web of lies, spewing from the lips of FOXNEWS’ hosts and pundits, Ailes’s Brothel. WTF, FOXNEWS hosts, and pundits everyday stood on their pulpits, vilifying everyone and anyone, knowing that Ailes was operating a brothel. So, I think it’s safe to say, that those holier than thou accomplices, not only knew about Ailes’s Brothel, but helped cover it up. However, the best part, FOXNEWS deliberately keep it’s viewers feeling forever insecure while holding out the carrot stick of security. While, behind the scenes, female employees were being coerced into deviant sexual behavior.

While Alt-Right Bloggers and many in our corporate media apparatus are obsessed with Hillary’s email and other fabricated scandals, the authentic scandal they don’t want to blog/report about, Roger Ailes’s Brothel. Yeah buddy, I’d bet money that Trump was knee deep in knowing about and/or luring young women into Roger Ailes’s Brothel. Why else would a Presidential candidate, i.e. Trump, publicly defend a Sexual Predator, i.e. Roger Ailes?

I can’t wait to hear the audio recordings of Ailes sexually harassing one of his ex-female employees. Enquiring minds want to know, are other cable news channels operating a brothel behind the scenes? It would explain a lot, just sayin!

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