Trump Got Punk’d By The President Of Mexico

Trump is so gullible, he got punk’d by the President of Mexico. He’s out of his league in politics as well as business. He’s a Con Man extraordinaire.

Speaking of being punk’d, sexual predators have to lure women with money, but underneath their veneer, they’re insecure and paranoid. Such is the case with the Big Kahana and all those men, who helped cover up the Big Kuhana’s sex slave business. Today, all those men had obstructed and are obstructing our first African-American President. One of them, the GOP’s candidate for the POTUS, with the small hands, is also a Narcissist. Seriously, he equates superiority as the gospel. It’s perfect, because his followers equate superiority as the gospel. Which makes them vulnerable and easily manipulated by sexual predators. Our corporate media apparatus is home to thousands of Television Executives by day, Sexual Predators by night. I mean, c’mon, it would explain a lot about Trump’s rise to prominence in the 2016 elections. One thing is for certain, sexual predators believe women are sex slaves, nothing more, nothing less. However, some of them will cloak their agenda by pretending to be religious. This tactic is the first prerequisite to being a pro-life advocate. In reality, pro-life men masquerade as religious leaders, but are nothing more than control freaks. They’re obsessed with controlling and/or demeaning women. Make no mistake, they’re sexual predators as well. The next time you read about a man publicly supporting Trump, remember, birds of a feather, flock together.

FOXNEWS is synonymous with sexual predators, so whenever a cable news hosts or pundit from this channel is held in high esteem, know this, birds of a feather, flock together.

Those women associated with FOXNEWS, either as an employee or viewer, know this, you ain’t fooling no one.


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