Trump Embraced Voter Fraud

In order to fulfill his high opinion of himself. Seriously, but the best part, our corporate news media had gone out its way to sugarcoat Trump’s latest scam. You know, make voter fraud synonymous with Democrats perpetrating a criminal act, while voter fraud for Republican’s own financial and personal gratification is held in high esteem. In this case, Trump and his supporters embraced online polling knowing that it’s reaping with voter fraud. Voter fraud is an acceptable strategy if you’re a Republican, if not, you’re committing a criminal act and should be prosecuted. May I remind our corporate news media that, “You can’t have your cake and eat it to.” The story you won’t hear from our corporate news media is that, Trump got his ass kicked by Hillary Clinton during the recent debates. It was so bad, the damage spread to his kids. But in order for Trump to fulfill his superiority complex, he found scapegoats, i.e., my mic, liberal media, rigged debate, you get the picture. Holy smokes, I’d seen what I’d considered one of the best scapegoats par none. That Hillary Clinton used hand gesture to coach Lester Holt and that each gesture carried a message to Lester Holt. Listen, I can only speak for myself, but I was impressed by the level to which the mind of a Trump supporter would paint Trump as the victim of Hillary’s underhanded behavior. Was it just me, or did you see how by “Playing the Victim Role,” Trump and his cabal gained pity from our corporate news media.   You know, sugarcoat Trump’s latest scam, i.e. voter fraud.  Just proves my point, that Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone, but himself. That he’s a con man and his Presidential campaign is his biggest scam to date. That suddenly voter fraud is an acceptable strategy. So, I won’t be surprised when Trump declares himself, “Smart,” for embracing voter fraud.

Voter fraud had already been defined as, “In the case of Republican use, voter fraud is the right thing to do. But in the myth of Democratic use, voter fraud is a criminal act and should be prosecuted. This is just another tactic called, “Projecting”. Republicans had used this tactic of putting Democrats on defense, by accusing them of voter fraud, while masking their [Republican] use of voter fraud. A scam Trump and his supporters easily embraced.