Basic manipulative strategy of a Whiteface, i.e. a Black person who is always sizing up the potential usefulness of other Black people,  as a source of money, power, sex, or influence. Their initiation into the all White Predator’s Club, is vilifying other Black people. The persona of a Whiteface is to always find a scapegoat for the sins they wish to conceal. They usually cloak their true agenda in the guise of a religious mask. They use shaming and/or guilt tactics to seek attention in the public arena. Truth be told, they’re obsequiously submissive to their White masters, but beneath their smug and arrogant veneer, they harbor vindictive intent. When their White masters don’t need them anymore, they’re discarded like used toilet tissue.

To an astute observer,  a Whiteface’s insecurities and weaknesses keeps him/her living in denial. They are experts at the art of lying and cheating, doing it frequently. I ain’t mad at cha. Trust me, they live in constant fear, doubt, and self-loathing.