The Big Kahuna’s Personal Habits At The Office.

The Big Kahuna had some unusual materials in his office, while he was a Television Executive by day, Sexual Predator by night. It had been reported that workers removed black dildos, cock rings and penis enlargement pills from the Big Kahuna’s office. They also removed adult videos featuring midget porn, interracial gang bangs, “golden showers” and BDSM. Now we get a clear picture of Conservatism. What more proof do you need that Conservatives always find a scapegoat for the sins they wished to conceal. But, and here’s the best part, all those holier than thou cable news hosts/pundits who knew about the Big Kahuna’s romper room, helped cover it up. Get this, they’re still on the same cable news channel, and they’re still pointing their crooked fingers at others, while pretending to stand upon a high moral ground. All I can say to all those Trump supporters, “The Big Kahuna and his cabal of sexual predators, made a fool out of you.” Let’s be real, “You got punk’d.” 

So, Trump brags about deporting so many Mexicans, burrito sales will drop. So, I’ve got one question for those Hispanic faith, civic and business leaders who had recently met with Trump, “How ya like him now?”  Oh, and by the way, “You got punk’d.” 

Did Trump know about the Big Kahuna’s sex slave business and if so, did he help cover it up? Enquiring minds want to know if any of Trump’s beauty pageant contestants were lured into the Big Kahuna’s extracurricular activities?

Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a gift that keeps on giving.