Hey Trump, It’s not nice to fool The Alt-Right

Listen, I do understand your plight Trump. Getting your ass kicked by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election, calls for desperate measures. So you’d invited the alt-right into your campaign to boost your sagging poll numbers. But, it’s not nice to fool the alt-right. C’mon, everybody not taken in by Trump’s con game, knows Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the alt-right, they’re just a means to an end. First off, Trump is a Narcissist, so he has an exaggerated sense of superiority. When confronted by negative polling numbers, Trump embraced the alt-right, while finding a scapegoat for the sins he wishes to conceal. Like his tax returns. But, and here’s the best part, while dishonesty and deceit permeates Trump’s campaign, our corporate media is obsessed with vilifying Bill and Hillary’s Foundation. Go figure!

Truth be told, our corporate media apparatus exploits its audience for personal gratification, so it makes sense that Trump is their golden boy. I mean, birds of a feather, flock together. So, while Trump’s behavior is offensive to many, you know, his self-centered, arrogant, and lacks empathy, our corporate media apparatus holds Trump in high esteem. For the alt-right, that’s the way they like it. Makes me wonder how many alt-right folks are sitting in the board rooms of our corporate media apparatus.

Trump and his campaign of horrors keep holding out the carrot stick of a smoking gun that will do harm to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, in order to appease the alt-right, is the biggest con job this week. Republicans/Conservatives supporting Trump have to live with the negative consequences. Go figure!