What The Hell Do White Educated Birthers have to lose?

That’s the better question, but you won’t hear that from Trump, because the answer is, everything. White Educated Birthers, unlike their counter-parts, Non-Educated White Birthers, see one color, and that’s the color green. Republicans and especially Trump, don’t give a rat’s ass about America, all they see is the color green. In life that’s commendable, but in politics, it’s toxic to the financial economy. C’mon, Republicans and especially Trump, do one thing, and that’s looting. Once elected into a public office, they loot tax payer money, while finding a scapegoat to conceal their sins. White Educated Birthers, despite what Kellyanne Conway tells you, are not that easily manipulated. They believe in White Privilege, but money rules. Under a Trump Presidency, White Educated Birthers have everything to lose and they can’t vote for that. Don’t worry, Trump had already abandoned his Presidential aspirations, because he knows he can’t manipulate White Educated Birthers. Also, there are bigger fish in the sea. Like being one of the Executive Producers alongside, Ailes and Bannon, for a television series titled, “The Grifters.” A show about a family of Grifters, something Trump knows all about. I’d bet it would be a rating$ juggernaut.  Making Trump the Billionaire he always wanted to be.

Trump tried to con White Educated Birthers via Kellyanne’s strategies of “Sarcasm gone amok.” C’mon, Trump believes Black Lives Matter? When Trump stands on stage and loudly announce that, “Black Lives Matter,” while wearing a hat with the lettering, “Black Lives Matter,” maybe, just maybe he’ll get a little, or a lot of attention from White Educated Birthers. Otherwise, Trump is just peeing on African-American’s legs, and telling them it’s raining.

Listen, every moment is a moment to be thankful. Because, today we know, that FOXNEWS was masquerading as a cable news channel, to conceal Ailes’ sex slave business and his political organization. Now do you see why White Educated Birthers don’t trust Republicans. White Educated Birthers have to face the facts that they had supported sexual predators for over 20 years and that they were lied to by these same sexual predators. FOXNEWS is synonymous with sexual predators and trust me, White Educated Birthers aren’t signing up for more betrayal. They know, like I know, Trump is a Con Man.

Somebody, please give Trump a, “Black Lives Matter,” hat, and ask him to wear it during his next campaign speech. 😀