Trump’s Home Shopping Network

C’mon, Trump’s future is bright. A Trump Home Shopping Network, is an idea whose time had come. Seriously, because White Educated Birthers can easily support Trump and not have a guilty conscious. It was a brilliant strategy for Kellyanne Conway, to seduce White Educated Birthers to align with Trump. It’s no secret that White Educated Birthers have plenty of disposable income, meaning, they can afford to buy more, bigger, and expensive. Trust me, they would flock to Trump’s Home Shopping Network, and every product will be flying out the door. But, and here’s the best part, being a host on Trump’s Home Shopping Network, is guaranteed to deliver BIG Buck$. As far an income and benefits. Kellyanne Conway and Katrina Pierson will have the prime time slots on this money making train. And why not? They’d earned it. Trust me, the only challenge they’ll have is competing with other female employees, for Trump’s affection. Yuck! Behind the scenes, will be the most deviant, sizzling and raunchier stories of money, power, sex, and influence. Imma keep it real, Trump is an Con Man extraordinaire. I ain’t mad at cha.

So, while Rome was burning, our corporate media apparatus was obsessed with the Clinton Foundation. That’s interesting, knowing that FOXNEWS was synonymous with Sexual Predators. While the Sexual Predators all pointed their fingers at the Clinton Foundation, they’d conveniently forgotten about their own indiscretions. Especially Trump’s crooked tax returns. Luckily for these Sexual Predators, Birthers have this amazing ability to turn a blind eye to Trump’s scandals, but are easily manipulated into believing the cleverly made up scandals on Bill & Hillary Clinton. You won’t here this from our corporate media apparatus, but Trump’s poll numbers reflect his inability and his campaign’s inability to fleece the majority of Americans. So knowing that and feeling that, you can bet that Trump, Ailes, and Bannon, have several exit schemes to continue misinforming and/or lying to their supporters. So, it makes sense for our corporate media apparatus was obsess about the Clinton Foundation. It purposely diverted attention away from the more scandalous stories of this decade, The FOX And The Blonde.” Where men were Television Executives by day, Sexual Predators by night. They made the Nevada Bunny Ranch look like a made for television series. The tip of the iceberg about what was really going on behind the scenes at FOXNEWS, well lets just say, stay tune for more raunchy adventures of money, power, sex, and influence, FOXNEWS style.

Every moment is a moment to be thankful. I’m thankful that Girls Rule The World

Imagine if you will, a Black owned 24/7 cable news network. Or Black owned Home Shopping network. We have unlimited financial power. Two can play that game!