TrumpNews, Money, Power, Sex, And Influence.

I love it. TrumpNews will blow the competition, out of the water. C’mon, TrumpNews will be the Simone Biles of cable news networks. Lead by Ailes, Bannon, and Trump, it doesn’t get any better than that. Trust me, they bring plenty to the table, but, and here’s the best part, Kellyanne Conway delivered on her scheme to seduce White Educated Birthers. You know, they’re part of the FOXNEWS audience, but like the non-educated White Birthers, they too will switch over to TrumpNews. However, guess who’ll get the honor of hosting a Sunday morning political show? Rudy Giuliani. C’mon, his auditions were as spectacular as a shooting star. His diagnoses of Hillary Clinton, was straight outta Richard Nixon’s playbook. I like Giuliani, because there’s no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, and no river wide enough to keep him from scamming.

I’ll give credit, where credit is due. Because from its conception, FOXNEWS had one perception that all Blacks were poor, uneducated, an unemployed living off the Government. So much so, that Kellyanne Conway used this FOXNEWS’s scheme to her advantage. ¬†She’d promised to deliver the White Educated Birthers to TrumpNews, and she succeeded. How? By her callous disregard for the rights and feelings of African-Americans. By publicly announcing that she was, “moved,” by Trump’s sarcasm towards African-Americans in his latest campaign speech. She was as smug and she could be, knowing that she’d succeeded in providing a safe haven for White Educated Birthers, like herself, to align with Trump. White Educated Birthers kissed Kellyanne and they like it. Yeah buddy, Kellyanne will host her very own, hour long show, on the TrumpNews cable news channel. I ain’t mad at cha.

The future for Democracy is looking brighter, because Hillary Clinton kicks ass and takes numbers.