Every Moment Is A Moment To Be Thankful

So yeah, having a cat bird’s view at the creation of TrumpNews, I’m thankful. C’mon, a cable news network under the helm of Ailes, Bannon, and Trump. What could be better than that? 😀 It’s brilliant and will rake in billion$ of dollar$. Trust me, if you thought FOXNEWS was diabolical, callous, and ruthless, TrumpNews will make FOXNEWS look like a fairy tale. If I were an Conservative staring at a career in the cable news industry, I’d send my resume to Trump’s campaign, applying for a job at TrumpNews.  I kid you not. Truth be told, some of the more deviant Conservative Bloggers are applying to work at TrumpNews, so the competition ain’t no joke. It would be like me applying to work for Oprah Winfrey. The odds are astronomical. Hey, sometimes I’m a realist. I said sometimes. What I know today, is that Kellyanne Conway already secured a high paying position at TrumpNews. Hey, even I know confidence when I see confidence. Kellyanne Conway is confident, and I would be too, if I’d signed up to work for TrumpNews. I ain’t gonna lie, I’m jealous. (wink, wink)

Relax, Trump, the Birthers, and Conservatism will be alright. TrumpNews will become the CEO of the Republican Party. Will become, who do I thing I’m fooling? Trump is already the face of the Republican Party and Ailes and Bannon share the CEO responsibilities. It’s a done deal. Now all we need is a Progressive, with President Obama’s Infinite Patience, Hillary Clinton’s Infinite Wisdom, and Bill Gate’s Infinite Wealth, cable news network. Picture this, Michelle Obama as the CEO.

Sweat dreams are made of these.

Girls Rule The World!

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