Kellyanne Conway Is A White Educated Birther?

I knew about those non-educated White Birthers, you know, all those racists folks, who are unaware that they’d been scammed by Conservative Super PACs for the last eight years. Well, thanks to Kellyanne Conway, I now know that there are plenty of White Educated Birthers. And get this, they’re all looking for some much needed reassurances that Trump isn’t a racist. Something about pretense and not having a guilty consciousness. To my joy, and also thanks to Kellyanne, I’d realized she’s a political pundit by day, birther by night. She sees the value in conning White Educated Birthers. Take for example, Kellyanne’s strategy for Trump to seduce African-Americans in front of a White audience. It all started when Omarosa whispered in one of Trump’s ears, “Every critic will have to bow down to you.”  And Kellyanne whispered in the other ear, “I’ll get those White Educated Birthers to bow down to you.” Trump was mesmerized, by all that pillow talk. Listen, if this strategy doesn’t work, don’t worry, Omarosa and Kellyanne will still have a great future. They’ll host an hour long cable news show on TrumpNews. Yeah buddy, they’ll seduce the Birthers, everyday and in every way. I’ll give them credit for mastering the Art Of Betrayal. C’mon, they had the best teacher, just sayin!

Don’t you just love hearing from all those White Educated Birthers masquerading as political pundits. Well, thanks to Kellyanne, I’d finally seen the light. While non-educated White Birthers don’t give a rat’s ass about being racist in public, White Educated Birthers live by the code of pretense. You know, mask their racist intent, by always looking for an individual to scam or swindle. How else would you explain how Kellyanne went from zero to 100, vilifying Trump, to now defending Trump. Give it your best shot, because the bottom line is, Kellyanne is a White Educated Birther and she’s also a con woman. I ain’t mad at Kellyanne, because I can’t make this shit up!

Paging Doctor Katrina Pierson, to the studio’s of CNN. It’s an emergency, the public needs the latest diagnoses on Hillary Clinton. Oh, and by the way, Doctor Sean Hannity, do you confer with Doctor Katrina Pierson?