I Demand Mitch McConnell Hold A Vote On President Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Conservatives/Republicans had callously disregarded President Obama since day one of his Presidency. From birtherism to obstructionism, Conservatives/Republicans had dismissed and still dismiss President Obama. They’d even bragged about it. Mitch McConnell had decided that President Obama doesn’t exist, therefore, the next POTUS will fulfill the SCOTUS vacancy. Conservatives/Republicans hold McConnell in high esteem. But, and here’s the best part, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, while Trump’s poll number descend into the abyss, Conservatives/Republicans decided to grant President Obama the Presidency for one day. They decided to fulfill their other fantasy of demanding the first African-American President to bow down to them. Seriously, who died and left Conservatives/Republicans in charge? The mistaken belief that the GOD complex is not a mental disorder, is why this shit is so hilarious.

What more proof do you want, that Trump had abandoned his Presidential campaign, in favor of his own cable news network. I ain’t mad at Trump, personally, he’s a Blogger’s dream come true. However, the proof is in the pudding. Be honest, you know TrumpNews, would be a rating$ juggernaut. On day one, the Birthers will flock to it, the rating$ will grow expeditiously, and billions of dollars will flow into Trump’s Cayman Island bank accounts. If you thought Trump’s GOD complex was cray, cray, the best is yet to come. The future looks bright for Trump, just think, his very own cable news network. Democratic majorities in the House and Senate can look forward to being targets of TrumpNews. Can you imagine, an entire cable news network under the helm of Roger Ailes and Donald Trump. Why, it’s an idea whose time had come. It’s brilliant. If you’re an Conservative investor, I’d suggest you invest millions of dollars in TrumpNews. The dividends will be enormous. TrumpNews will demolish FOXNEWS rating$, I’d suspect that Hannity and O’Reilly will be the first to abandon FOXNEWS and work for TrumpNews. Katrina Pierson will be elevated to a Hannity and O’Reilly status. Meaning she’ll be a cable news host, in prime time, earning less money, of course, but she will delight the Birthers to no end. Yeah buddy, I’m looking forward to TrumpNews, are you?